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Formosi is the bridge that connects consumers to health and beauty professionals. Our mission is increase your sales, build your business, and have new clients coming back as loyal regulars. Excellent commitment standards on our end ensure long lasting and successful relationships with our professional clients. Our strategy uses beautifully designed brochures and word-of-mouth marketing to bring new customers into your business.

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Formosi is currently partnered up with the following professionals for voucher campaigns

How Voucher
Campaigns Work

1. Local Love

Meet and set up a time at your location for acceptability to establish a relationship.

2. Keep Your Earnings

Get featured on an Exclusive campaign (getting locals to buy a voucher to experience your business whether online, in person, or word of mouth).

3. Real Results

Clients will begin to contact you and you book them at your leisure.

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Grow your business with the right tools.
Formosi puts your business in front of locals who are actively looking for services like yours. Once they’ve DISCOVERED you, they tell their friends and coworkers, making it simple for them to come back again and again.

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The Formosi Impact

From pilates instructors and MD’s to hairstylists and estheticians, Formosi has made a tangible impact on the beauty and wellness industry.  Working with hundreds of beauty and wellness professionals to help them grow their businesses and change their industry while doing it, and our network continues to grow.



We communicate with more than 1,000 customers each week to get feedback on where they go and what they’re into. That information is used to help keep us an excellent resource and strengthen our professionals with knowledge of trends, likes, and dislikes from the average consumer.



Our professionals are adept at turning a referred customer into a returning client. With their excellent chairside/bedside manner, Formosi professionals retain a high retention rate of their clientele. These clients upgrade their services, purchase product, refer family and friends, and return for additional services without a voucher.



Since our agency has opened our doors Formosi has introduced over 180,000 customers to local beauty and wellness professionals. It's hard to find the one, if you know what I mean and Formosi does just that.

An Easier Way

Formosi allows you to achieve customer satisfaction and attract repeat customers. We put your business in front of local people that live or work near your business who make beauty and wellness part of their routine. Recommending your business all day every day.

Commonly Asked Questions

How does Formosi find the customers?

We network with local people who live and work near your business and provide them with a personal referral to sample your services at a discount.

How much will a Formosi campaign cost me?

There’s no hard, up-front cost to run an Formosi Campaign. Your investment is the time it takes to provide services.

How do customers redeem a voucher?

Customers will bring in a physical voucher at the time of their appointments, which serves as a proof of purchase. You’ll stamp off the services on their
voucher as they are redeemed.

Who takes payment for upgrades and add-ons?

Any additional upgrades or add-on purchases are the sole responsibility of the beauty and wellness professional or their business.

What is my commitment?

We expect all professionals we work with to honor the services outlined in your promotion, and to treat the new customers like the gold they are!

How many new customers can I expect?

On average, you can expect your Exclusive Voucher Campaign to wield an additional 5-10 customers a week. This can vary based on your goals.

As a professional, how do I schedule for most customers ?

Formosi customers will call to book their services (whether you choose to accept online bookings is up to you). There are no black-out dates for Formosi customers, and they cannot be put on a separate waitlist. Formosi customers should be scheduled as regular new customers.