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Turn your StretchLab Studio into a 100k+ studio

And keep growing!

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People are the face of your business. Let us help you find the best ones.

At Formosi, we understand the importance of finding the absolute best talent for your studio. We're here to make that process a breeze.

With our expertise in the fitness, beauty, and wellness industry, we specialize in helping StretchLab franchise owners streamline their hiring process. We bring a unique approach to the table, utilizing proprietary strategies, specialized marketing techniques, and personalized tools and tactics.

Our goal is simple: to help you streamline your operations, innovate in your industry, and maximize the full potential of your business. With Formosi by your side, you'll have the right team in place to represent your brand and take your studio to new heights.

Don't let the challenge of finding the perfect talent hold you back. Trust Formosi to deliver the exceptional individuals your business deserves. Let's unlock your studio's true potential together.

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At your service.
Every step of the way.

On-demand Staffing

We’ll align our recruiting strategy to your studio objectives and work closely with you and your GM every step of the way to assess candidates, and facilitate interviews. We ensure your recruitment project runs smoothly. 

Team Coaching

Unlock your team's highest potential with Formosi's leadership development and coaching. We provide practical, customized in-person training to ensure your team receives the tools they need to excel. By fostering a shared purpose and culture, we inspire your people to achieve greatness. Because the best teams are intentionally crafted, not left to chance.

Customer Engagement 

Review wins and lost opportunities. By reaching out to past customers we survey their experience to provide real feedback. We make the invisible visible, helping your team see where improvements can be made. A great way to measure your business and capture the highest customer retention rate. 

Business Management

Ignite transformational change with Formosi. We turn strategies into systems, empowering your teams to innovate and support your growth. Let's drive breakthrough results and transform the way you work.

Whether you’re looking to hire a Flexologist, manager or frontdesk personnel, our specialized team makes the process easy. We go beyond reading a resume to bring you qualified top individuals.

We utilize a high-touch approach as a method of recruiting in order to fulfill the needs of your business. We engage with your candidates to better understand their interests and career objectives to verify that they are a good fit for the job description, culture, and team. 

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With teams working together, anything is possible

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Shivam Patel, StretchLab Owner

Stephen has assisted me with streamlining my recruitment and hiring process. I get better qualified candidates because his team manages all our job postings and pre-screenings before an interview with my studio manager is set up. His team is quick in responding to all applicants and they keep me up to date with every stage of the hiring process. His  knowledge of my business and Stretchlab is definitely and added bonus. Over the last few months we have been able to hire 10 Flexologists' and fill 2 front desk positions. My experience with Formosi has definitely been a positive one and I would recommend to other studio owners!

Let us help you build a strong team
to make an impact on your members.

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