Instagram is Your Look Book

Create A Visual Portfolio 

A click of a button and a picture is posted. But, how can you captivate more users, and receive more likes and followers? The picture quality, caption, location, and time of day are crucial to increasing engagement.

The times of flipping through a salon magazine for hair inspiration are long gone. Instagram allows you to post pictures of amazing work to show your clients. Create a personalized approach to showing them what you can offer. Attract new customers and give existing clients new ideas. You do not have to limit your postings to just your creations, you can incorporate the work of others to show different perspectives. Allow Instagram to showcase all you work and what you are capable of.  Picture quality is often connected with the authenticity of a business. In todays new world brand is everything. Investing in professionally taken photos of you and your business creates a better brand image.

Instagram Stories and Highlights 

The option to post pictures and videos to your story and highlights on Instagram gives the viewer a look into what you are currently working on. Post a before and after transformation to inspire others to change up their look. People are searching social media for inspiration on what to do next. Whether that be a new haircut, hair color, makeup look, etc. people want to see what you can offer them.  Let these real time updates motivate customers to book their next appointment now!

Have Your Clients Tag You in their Posts

Whenever you create a post there is an option to select the location of where the picture was taken. Posts that have a location receive 79% more engagement than those that don’t. In every picture you post you should be tagging the location of your business to draw more attraction to your site. 

When your client loves their new look they are going to post about it. Share with them how they can tag you in their photo. This allows their picture to show on your page under the tagged pictures section. The people going to your Instagram page can see the clients own picture as well, creating an even bigger look book. 

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