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When going to a salon whether that’s to get your nails, hair or eyebrows done, it’s easy to forget that we, as customers, need to keep a certain etiquette for the beauticians working on us. The same goes for beauticians as well. Sometimes, we put higher expectations than necessary on our clients because we assume they know better.

But the truth is, both parties are guilty of a few things from timeliness, to tipping and even phone etiquette. According to Faith Xue, author of Are You Tipping Your Hairdresser Enough? Let This Be Your Guide, she speaks to four different celebrity hair stylists that give their opinions on topics such as chit chatting, calling ahead, tipping and phone usage. Although the article is about hairdressers, this applies to any beautician you go to. Here are a few of the things she wrote about in her article:

1. Being fashionably late is oK, right?

Late is late is late. When it comes to being late, there really is no amount of time that’s OK to keep a professional waiting on you. It’s like a domino effect. Once you’re 15 minutes late, it can affect the entire day for your hairdresser, nail technician or eyebrow specialist by getting behind with their following clients.

The Customer

Now here comes the proper etiquette when handling this situation. If you are running late and you know you’re going to be well over 15 minutes passed the appointment time, call the place of business, the professional or even their assistant (if they have one). It’s important to cover your bases so that you know and more importantly, the professional knows you are taking this appointment just as seriously as they are.

The Beauty Professional

As a beauty professional, when you know a client is running late, it’s your job to inform your other clients that they may need to push back their appointment times in order to fit in the person who is running late. But don’t forget, it’s OK to reschedule the late birdie for another day. It helps to relieve that stress monster you were developing, waiting for your client and now you won’t feel the need to squeeze your stress ball to death.

2. Chit Chat or Silence, Take Your Pick.

For the Customer
When it comes to sitting in that comfortable salon chair, who is the first person to strike up a conversation?

Besides the routine go round of “what would you like to do with X today?”  or “how short or long do you want it?”, what else is there to talk about? Some people are social butterflies and as a professional in the customer service industry, you’ll have no problem keeping up a very easy going conversation. But for those introverts who like to sit in silence, it can be nerve racking just talking to the receptionist at the front desk.

Either way, the professional is going to go based on what you do. If you want to talk about your plans for the weekend or just sit in silence, it’s completely up to you. So long as you communicate from the start what you want done to your hair, face, eyebrows or nails, there doesn’t need to be any other conversation with  if you don’t want to have any.

3. Be In The moment, Not On Your Phone.

For The Customer
Texting and actually talking on your phone are two different things when getting anything done. For a customer, it’s become a thing to be on your phone to text your friends and family while getting your hair, nails or eyebrows done. I don’t know who you’d text while getting your eyebrows done, but kudos to those who can.

But there is a time and a place for texting and when you’re having a ‘treat yo self’ kind of day, it’s better to simply enjoy your time there. Be in the moment, don’t be so glued to your phone.

Never actually talk on the phone with someone while a professional is working on you. Not only is it rude, but you’ll end up with some getting in their way and that’s not cool. If you know you’re getting an important call from someone, let the professional know ahead of time and keep it short.

4. Tip Time!

For The Customer
It’s always good to tip anyone who is doing you a service. But how much is appropriate? If you’re happy with your results, always tip 15 to 20 % .   If you’re not happy with the outcome, let your stylist know right away so they can fix the problem.

“A tip is something that isn’t expected. I think a tip is something to show the appreciation for the time and execution of the service provided. And if the client is unhappy with the service, don’t leave a tip.” — Matthew Monzon

Never tip less then 15%  It’s unbecoming of you as a customer.  And this hurts you more than the professional.  Always carry this basic etiquette with you at all times.

For The Professional
The professional shouldn’t expect to get tipped if a customer isn’t satisfied with their result. The goal is that when your client leaves your salon chair, that your client wow’s the world with their new hairdo.

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