First impressions can be tricky. But, they are essential to building a client relationship. These relationships are what set you up for repeat business and referrals from your current customers to their friends.

1. Greeting

As soon as a customer enters they should be greeted, asked for their name, and asked for their appointment time. Even if you’re busy, this should be a priority as it makes them feel welcomed and acknowledged as an individual.

2. Create a Positive Environment

Most customers are able to decide on your trustworthiness in a tenth of a second. As an independent health/wellness professional, you have to make your clients comfortable while also juggling your other responsibilities of your business. Keeping conversation while doing your work is important as it shows that you have an interest in their wellbeing.

3. Refer to your Social Media Pages

While providing your services to your client, ask them to check out your Instagram or Facebook page. This aids in creating a stable network for your business and allows your page to ‘pop up’ to their close friends.

4. Exceed your Clients Expectations

When a customer comes in you should not only be able to make them feel welcomed and keep up with conversation, but also deliver the service that they came for. Be professional and interpersonal so they remember their experience and return again.

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