When you are looking to hire someone, you want to know who they are and if they are serious about the position they are applying for. You should consider where they are, what they have done, and where they want to go to help ensure that together you can both be successful. You should be selling the job in order to add to your team to better your business and create a better customer experience. This takes thought on what key traits to consider to find the candidate that is best fit for the position.

Below are 3 things that we look for in every candidate: 

1. Are they prepared?

You want to make sure whoever you hire has taken the time to research you. They should know who you are, how long you’ve been in business, and what salon and spa etiquette is. If someone is serious about working for you, they will be prepared. They should also be prepared to work in the industry; dressed to impress while ready to demonstrate their best skills. 

2. Can they do the job?

Based on their resume and cover letter, you will have expectations about their skills and experience before they walk through the door. Considering what skills, knowledge, and certifications they have, you want to be able to see if they present that in an in-person interview. Talking during an interview should be 60/40 between you and the interviewee. Having an open conversation will allow them to share how they will grow and succeed within your team. 

3. Would they make a good team member? 

When looking to hire someone, your first impression of them will suggest how they will contribute to your business. They should be presentable and demonstrate that they are able to interact with different types of clients while representing your business. You want to be sure that they have honest work habits, the ability to wear multiple hats, and the desire to work in a team that reinforces your workplace culture. 

Success is not something you chase, it’s something you attract by becoming an attractive person and team. We don’t just mean attractive clothes; we mean getting things done with class and style. Having a good team to boost your business will bring success to everyone involved. 

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