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Attract local customers into your business 

Looking for the perfect match in the beauty world? Think of Formosi as your personal Cupid, but instead of arrows, we use our expert matchmaking skills to connect beauty professionals and clients. Our mission? To help you up your business game, so you can focus on creating stunning looks that leave clients feeling their absolute best.
Time is money, but if your schedule's looking sparse, you might as well be spending it watching paint dry. Let Formosi fill up your calendar and fatten up your wallet."

Ready to get started?

Build Your Brand 

Your brand is like a dazzling masterpiece, and the more eyeballs it attracts, the more buzz it generates. Let Formosi help you paint the town red (or whatever color fits your brand best).

Formosi vouchers: the gift that keeps on giving...your business a boost!

Your Questions Answered

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