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It's important to be known

From the Pilates guru who can twist you into pretzel-like perfection, to the MD who knows your medical history better than your own mother, and the hairstylist who can tame even the wildest of manes, we believe that true beauty and wellness professionals excel when they truly understand you.

That's where Formosi swoops in, like a fairy godmother with a contact list. We're here to connect you with top-notch local experts who will have you feeling fabulous for eternity (or at least until your next appointment).

Say goodbye to cringe-worthy replays of your DIY hair dye disaster or endless explanations about your delicate skin. It's time to bid adieu to the salon shuffle. Embrace the beauty of being truly known.

Consider Formosi your Matchmaker

Below are three compelling reasons why Formosi is highly effective!

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1. Stay Local 

Forget about crossing city lines or searching high and low for the perfect pro! We're here to introduce you to a crew of local experts who not only work their magic but also have a heart that beats for the same community as yours.

Why settle for a disconnected encounter when you can join forces with professionals who share your love for the local scene? We've got the secret sauce to bring you together with community-minded wizards who will leave you feeling like a VIP in your own backyard. Let's ditch the long-distance relationships and embrace the power of local connection!

2. High-Quality Service

At Formosi, we have a strict rule: if we wouldn't book them ourselves, they won't make the cut (yes, even the brave souls who handle waxing - ouch!). We've handpicked professionals who are not only vetted but also approved, ensuring you get nothing short of the absolute best.

We've taken the time to separate the beauty gurus from the beauty booboos, so you can sit back, relax, and trust that our squad of top-notch experts will have you looking and feeling like a million bucks. No more beauty mishaps or questionable experiences - we've got your back, and your flawless face!

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A photo of a Formosi voucher

3. Helping You Become a Regular

You better believe the numbers, folks! Our retention rate is soaring above 73%, which means it's just a matter of time until you stumble upon the perfect professional in your neck of the woods.

With odds like that, you'll be strutting into your dream salon or wellness oasis sooner than you can say "glam squad." Trust in our track record, because we've cracked the code to match you with the crème de la crème of local talent. Your search ends here, my friend. Prepare to be dazzled by the professionals who are itching to make you their VIP client!

Hear it from 
some of the regulars

Making an impact is what we are good at. It's what we have been doing for the past two decades, delivering a Formosi experience like no other. Hear it from the Formosi crew, customers and professionals.

"I'm thrilled to have found my hairstylist on Formosi. Their platform made it easy to find a skilled stylist who understood my hair needs, booking was a breeze, and my stylist exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend Formosi to anyone looking for a reliable and talented hairstylist."

Simone C.

  • How can I get a Formosi voucher ?
    The short answer - It's not easy. All of our Formosi campaigns are extermly exclusive. We sell our Formosi vouchers at certain times of the year depending on the clients we are marketing for. You can alwasy reach out to us to see if we have a campaign running.
  • How do the Formosi vouchers work?
    Great question! Formosi partners up with talented beauty and wellness professionals throughout Southern California. When a customer buys a Formosi voucher they get to expereice a professional in their area that has been vetted and has a wonderful reputation. It's a great way to discover someone who does fantastic work.
  • How long do I have to use the voucher?
    Stellar question! Voucher promotional value expires 6 months from purchase date - so take your time, but not too much time.
  • Do I need to make an appointment with my voucher?

    Yes! Refer to your voucher for specific instructions and how to make an appointment.
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Become a Formosi Partner

Take your talents
from extraordinary
to legendary!

Become a partner with Formosi and uncover a plethora of beautiful and amazing customers in your vicinity.

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