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Become a Regular
It's important to be known

From your Pilates instructor to your MD, your hairstylist to your esthetician, these are all professionals that do their best work when they know you. 

That is why Formosi wants to connect customers with local, high-quality, and approved partners to fill all their beauty and wellness needs both now and well, forever.


No more embarrassing re-replays of your at-home hair dying experience or re-explaining your sensitive skin over and over again.

It’s time to stop jumping from place to place. It’s time to be known.

Consider Formosi your matchmaker

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Stay Local 

You shouldn’t have to get gas in order to get to your appointment. We connect you with local professionals that work and care about the same community you do.

High-Quality Service

At Formosi we would not sign up a partner that we wouldn’t book ourselves (even ones that do waxing – ouch). Our professionals are vetted and approved to ensure the very best for you.

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Helping You Become a Regular

Trust the stats. Our retention rate is over 73%, so it is a matter of time that you will find your professional in your area.

Hear it from 
some of the regulars

Making an impact is what we are good at. It's what we have been doing for the past two decades, delivering a Formosi experience like no other. Hear it from the Formosi crew, customers and professionals.

Let Us Help You Become a Regular

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