Our Story

What does Formosi mean?

To be beautiful, to be handsome, to have fine appearance. Captivating attention and hearts through good looks. 

“If you look good, you feel good, and if you feel good you do good”

- We didn’t say it but we agree!

We make it stand out. Evoke emotions. Make people feel something. Because when you feel, you care. And when you care, you act.

How do we do it?
SMART strategy. Quality creative. And, exciting collaborative teamwork. Our work looks good and so should your results!


The Formosi Experience

Formosi empowers professionals to build their business. We're passionate about people and love to use our skills to drive growth through innovative strategies while offering ongoing resources and support.

The Formosi Company

Formosi started out with a focus in the beauty and wellness industry. For over a decade our company has been the bridge connecting beauty and wellness clients to new customers. We used a unique marketing platform that combined personal referrals and genuine conversations giving our clients unparalleled exposure and amplification by targeting locals in their area they never could have using tired sales techniques.  

Since then, we have grown into a full-service marketing agency that pilots digital solutions based on market trends and needs. Our services are designed to create and implement marketing strategies on your behalf. Having a full-service in-house marketing team allows us to create unique and high-impact content strategically designed to resonate with your potential customers. We will listen to your needs and goals, use data and creativity to optimize your marketing strategy.

When you work with Formosi, you’re working with a team that combines market expertise with entrepreneurial innovation. Formosi works on putting your business in front of more eyes. We believe that trust is earned through delivering results and we know that our success is defined by yours. We care to make our clients look good!